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Welcome to the heart of the sea, in the city.


Dive into a unique culinary experience, where the essence of the sea meets the passion for genuine and refined flavours. Dogana di Mare is a special corner where every dish tells a love story with the ocean.


Here, fish is the undisputed protagonist. Each dish is a journey, a deep immersion in the depths of the sea, where flavors blend and dance together in a ballet of unparalleled taste. Come and discover our world, where the sea and the table meet in an unforgettable embrace.



Discover the essence of Hawaii with our Gourmet Pokes!


The Hawaiian archipelago arrives directly on your plate, offering you an explosion of flavors and colors that only real Poke can offer. Freshness, flavor and creativity come together in every spoonful, taking you on a culinary journey like no other.


This experience is exclusive to our premises. You won't find our Gourmet Pokes anywhere else, prepared with the utmost care and attention to detail, using only high quality ingredients to guarantee you a lunch break or dinner that will make you dream of the golden beaches of Hawaii. Come and discover the magic of our Pokes and let yourself be transported to a tropical paradise, without ever leaving the city.



Our wines


Our wine collection comes from a meticulous selection, aimed at enhancing those companies that embody and magnify the peculiarities of their Territory. In addition, we have chosen industry leaders recognized for their unmistakable quality and reliability, thus ensuring the best for our customers. Our range spans the entire national wine landscape and also ventures into the renowned French terrors.



Our selection of Cocktails


Our selection of cocktails represents a sensorial journey, where tradition and innovation blend in a ballet of flavors and aromas. Each drink is designed to surprise you, with carefully chosen ingredients and bold combinations that awaken the palate.


Let yourself be transported into a world of excellent mixology, where every sip tells a story and every cocktail is an unforgettable experience.




Dogana di Mare

Eccellenze Italiane Francesco Ferrucci, 3
50126 Firenze FI

Tel: 055.680.0728
Whatsapp: 331.742.7213

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