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Traditional roll with external nori seaweed | 6 pieces | €5.00

  • H1 SALMON - nori seaweed, rice, salmon
  • H2 TUNA - nori seaweed, rice, tuna
  • H3 EBI - nori seaweed, rice, shrimp
  • H4 CUCUMBER - nori seaweed, rice, cucumber
  • H5 AVOCADO - nori seaweed, rice, avocado
  • H6 MANGO - nori seaweed, rice, mango

Uramaki Classic

Roll with rice on the outside | 8 pieces | €12.00

  • U7 SALMON CHEESE - rice, salmon, avocado, mango, salad, sesame, guacamole sauce
  • U8 SPICY TUNA - rice, tuna, avocado, spicy mayo, katsuobushi, sesame
  • U9 EBI TEMPURA - rice, tempura shrimp, avocado, sesame, teriyaki sauce, rice cracker
  • U10 VEGETARIAN - rice, philadelphia, avocado, cucumber, salad, sesame
  • U11 VEGAN - rice, avocado, cucumber, wakame seaweed, sesame, nachos
  • U12 VEGAN PLUS - rice, avocado, mango, salad, sesame, guacamole sauce, nachos
  • U13 CALIFORNIA - rice, crab, mayo, tobiko, avocado
  • U14 SHAKE SPICY - salmon, spicy mayo, salad, sesame
  • U15 SPICY EBI - rice, tempura shrimp, spicy mayo, sesame, avocado, rice cracker


Uramaki Special

Roll with rice on the outside | 8 pieces | €16.00

  • U16 TRUFFLE SALMON - rice, salmon, avocado, truffle, teriyaki sauce, truffle oil, crispy rice, sesame
  • U17 URA EBI GUACAMOLE - rice, tempura shrimp, topped with avocado sashimi, guacamole sauce, teriyaki sauce, tobiko
  • U18 URA SALMON EBITEN - rice, tempura shrimp, topped with seared salmon, mayo, teriyaki sauce, crispy rice
  • U19 URA RAINBOW - rice, tempura shrimp, topped with tuna, salmon, avocado, spicy mayo, teriyaki sauce, tobiko
  • U20 SHAKIL - rice, tuna, avocado, topped with tuna, cheese cream, almonds, teriyaki sauce



Rice ball | 2 pieces | €5.00

  • U21 SHAKE - rice, salmon
  • U22 TUNA - rice, tuna
  • U23 VEGAN - rice, avocado
  • U24 SHAKE FIRE - rice, seared salmon, teriyaki sauce, celery
  • U25 MAGURO FIRE - rice, seared tuna, spicy mayo, sesame
  • U26 NIGIRI EBI - rice, shrimp



Rice cone wrapped in nori seaweed | 1 piece | €6.00

  • U27 SAKE AVOCADO - rice, salmon tartare, avocado, sesame
  • U28 MAKURO AVOCADO - rice, tuna tartare, avocado, sesame
  • U29 VEGAN - mango, cucumber, avocado, sesame
  • U30 TEMAKI EBITEN - rice, tempura shrimp, salad, teriyaki sauce
  • U31 CALIFORNIA - rice, crab, spicy mayo, tobiko
  • U32 SPICY SHAKE - rice, salmon tartare, spicy mayo, nori salad, sesame
  • U33 SPICY MAGURO - rice, tuna, spicy mayo, nori salad, sesame
  • U34 TEMAKI CHEESE - rice, avocado, tempura shrimp, philadelphia, potato chips, salad, pink nori



Large traditional roll | 8 pieces | €18.00

  • F35 DOGANA - rice, tempura shrimp, avocado, philadelphia, topped with salmon, teriyaki sauce, crispy rice, crab, sesame
  • F36 DOGANA PLUS - rice, tuna, avocado, topped with shrimp, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo, crispy rice

Food prepared with frozen/raw frozen raw material

Salmon and tuna were purchased fresh and subjected to preventive purification treatment in accordance with the prescriptions of EC Regulation 853/2004, Annex III, Section VIII, Chapter 3, Letter D, Point 1.

For any information on substances and allergens, you can consult the specific documentation that will be provided, upon request, by the service staff. Francesco Ferrucci, 3
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